Damita Anticipation
From singing in the Detroit City elementary school choir to forming the 80 voice High School Gospel Choir ,Voices of Victory, it goes without question that Damita Haddon has been in musical training at a young age. During these early years, Damita also enjoyed sharing the music spotlight with her twin sister, Marguerita. The sisters were surrounded by music were influenced by countless family members, “Both sides of my family are musically inclined. Everyone is a singer, musician or a preacher”.  In their household, their mother would continuously play various genres of music including, gospel and classical music for them to sing along with.

Music was definitely a staple in Damita’s family life. Wherever they went as a family, you would hear music from any of the great gospel choirs or artists being played in the car or throughout the house. “We were a musical family” Damita said, “Really it was just church and music but I remember running around the house with my twin sister, picking up brushes & combs singing into them when my mom would play a record.”

When Damita wasn’t studying in school or playing with her sister, she would be found listening to such artists as, Tramaine Hawkins, The Clark Sisters, Commissioned, Witness, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, DeBarge, Phil Collins, Andre Crouch, Hall & Oates, Celine Dion, and The Winans  .  Whether she listened to a family member or her favorite artist, it was evident that music would forever run through her veins

Damita’s early memories of singing with combs and brushes fueled her desire to later form the all female a cappella group, Adoration-N-Prayze along with her twin sister Marguerita.  The group’s fresh and anointed sound caught the attention of many throughoutDetroitand theMidwest.

Adoration-N-Prayze went from rehearsing and performing to one day singing at the birthday party of a Record Company Executive. “We were invited to sing at the President of TM Records’ birthday party not knowing this guy had a record label,” recalled Damita, “Our first and only release was ‘Time Is Running Out’.  We were nominated for a Stellar Award for that project.” 

Damita’s career expanded and positioned her for more opportunities including, singing background for the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. This was just one of many platforms that helped to launch her career as a solo artist. “I never knew, nor would have thought in a million years I would be a solo artist.”

Though she did not initially see her career taking this direction, God had another plan in mind.  In early 2000, Damita released her debut, self-titled project on Atlantic Records.  Well received by both critics and fans alike, this album successfully launched her solo career and introduced the world to a voice and sound that immediately caught the attention of the whole industry.

No Looking Back set the stage for Damita’s career and her bold declaration opened the door to new possibilities, a fresh anointing, new sound, and catapulted her further into her destiny.

So much more was revealed in 2012 when Damita began working on her new project Anticipation on Tyscot Music & Entertainment.  Anticipation is just one of many endeavors Damita has embarked on, since her last CD project.

Described as a true gem, Anticipation features many songs written by Damita including, “Won’t Turn Back”, “Praise You Now”, “Be Revealed”, “You’re Amazing God”, “Super She’RO and the title cut “Anticipation (Waitin 4 u)”.




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