Ruth La’Ontra Releases Dynamic New Single “Count It All Joy”

Tyscot Music & Entertainment’s new artist, Ruth La’Ontra, has been busy preparing for her upcoming project. In the midst of an increasingly eventful schedule, she has released her new radio single “Count It All Joy”.

 Since signing with Tyscot, Ruth La’Ontra has received a lot of love from supporters anticipating the release of her new project.  Well, they won’t have to wait any longer because Ruth La’Ontra’s single “Count It All Joy” has hit the radio airwaves.

 Fresh out the gate, “Count It All Joy” is a huge first single for Ruth La’Ontra, with its familiar traditional gospel flair coupled with her powerhouse vocals flowing throughout the entire song.  The new single is an interesting blend of gospel music riffs and relevant lyrics encouraging listeners to keep smiling in every situation, no matter how it appears.

 Ruth La’Ontra shared her heart on the song’s meaning: “This is a song for today’s people; dear brothers and sisters when troubles come your way consider it an opportunity for greater joy. Count it all joy.”

 At first listen, fans will catch on to the well-calculated church organ intro coupled with Ruth La’Ontra’s biblical reference on the power of Faith.

 It is evident that Ruth La’Ontra is no stranger to Gospel Music and on “Count It All Joy”; she showcases her gospel roots with a unique way of delivering fluent adlibs and lyrical content.  The song’s lyrics speak on the power of God and trusting His plan for our life. As the song builds, Ruth La’Ontra’s vocals go higher along with the song’s theme which keeps you intrigued and encouraged to truly “Count It All Joy”.

 “Count It All Joy” is a sure hit for thisNorth Carolinanative and will be a highly requested song on radio stations across the country.

 Fans may now check out Ruth La’Ontra’s new single “Count It All Joy”:

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