Shirley Murdock Releases Double Header for Radio: “Lord You Reign” & “Someday”

Shirley Murdock’s current radio single “Dream” has inspired many listeners across the country since it first hit the airwaves. Long before releasing her latest CD & DVD, Live: The Journey, Murdock’s goal has always been to uplift the name of Jesus and unite people through her music ministry.  This month, she is maintaining this goal by releasing not one but two new singles, Lord You Reign and Someday. Both radio singles were written by psalmist and founder of Tyscot Records Bishop Leonard Scott.

Lord You Reign is a timeless worship anthem that speaks directly to God, acknowledging his omnipresence in the lives of his people.  From beginning to end, “Hallelujah” fluently resounds throughout the song along with the lyrics:  “Lord You Reign in majesty and Lord You reign victoriously”.

Someday is a definitive revelation of God’s people dwelling in harmony.  The lyrics: “Someday, we’ll unite as one” speaks to the hope for peace in this world.  In addition to its relevant and universal message, another reason why this song holds a special place in Murdock’s heart is due to its featured guests: Kelly Price, Beverly Crawford and Regina Belle, all of whom are longtime friends of Shirley.

These special ladies have been a part of my journey and it meant the world to me to have them be a part [of this song]. I believe listeners will be able to hear, see and feel the friendship and admiration we share for one another, as well as the joy of singing God’s praises together”

Lord You Reign and Someday are musically, spiritually and lyrically inspired which was very important to Murdock as she selected the tracks for her current project, “I believe that the ministry is in the lyrics and in the words we speak, they are spirit and they are life!”

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