Tyscot artist, JAVEN, releases new single “Worshiper In Me”

For Immediate Release

This is an exciting time for Tyscot’s New Artist JAVEN with his recent signing and also the release of his new radio single “Worshiper In Me”!

“Worshiper In Me” is a great lead single for his 2013 release Worship In The Now, which he describes as more than a project, but a movement.

Penned by JAVEN and Jonathan Nelson, “Worshiper In Me” is a transparent worship song which lyrically and musically grabs your attention with its authenticity.

It’s lyrics to speak directly to the open, willing and submitted heart to come forth as a true worshiper of Christ.

As a singer, songwriter and worship leader, JAVEN through his own heart of submission, calls the worshiper to come forth through the lyrics, “With everything I have, I’m here finally; I’m calling forth the Worshipper in Me!”

As the song builds with intensity, JAVEN speaks directly to God laying it all on the line with the lyrics, “Freely I give you all of me, I give you my worship, my heart, my soul! I live and breathe you God, I live to give you Glory!”

One of the significant elements that stands out in “Worshiper In Me” is its common thread of worshiping God no matter who you are or where life has taken you.

JAVEN defines Worship and the core of the new single, “Worship is one of the most powerful weapons we possess to get through tough times. Many people forget to pull on the worshiper inside of them. I wrote this powerful song with my good friend Jonathan Nelson. I think it’s the anthem for every believer facing hard times. Call forth the worshiper in you and see the power it will unleash on the enemy!”

For Radio Promotions contact:

Jeff Hargrove – 770-277-5987 / jeff@tyscot.com

Sidney Scott – 317-641-6427 / sidney@tyscot.com

Great things are in store for JAVEN & Tyscot Music & Entertainment and fans can look forward to hearing great new music in 2013!

Check out JAVEN online at:




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