Tyscot Executive and Shirley Murdock team up for Domestic Violence Awareness

Inspired by events in her past, local playwright & Tyscot Music & Entertainment executive Robin Dalton penned the play, “I Love Me Better Than That”, to address the issue of domestic violence in today’s society.  The 2-hour production is loosely based on Ms. Dalton’s tumultuous, 5-year relationship with the father of her children. During their time together, Dalton experienced both physical and mental abuse at the hands of her former love.  Though she eventually managed to escape that relationship, it did take some time to overcome its lasting impact.

Realizing that there are others who may be going through a similar experience, Dalton wrote “I Love Me Better Than That” to show that there is a better way to live.  According to Dalton, often times people on the outside of this type of relationship do not understand why many victims choose to remain.  As one who personally experienced this struggle, Dalton has been able to incorporate this unique perspective within the script.   With assistance from co-writer Marlon Scisney, “I Love Me Better Than That” skillfully takes the audience on the relationship journey of the main characters, Joy (played by Alicia Collins) and Ricky (played by Scisney).

The remaining cast is primarily made up of fresh, local talent, but Dalton has also added a very special guest, national recording artist Shirley Murdock.  Known for her chart-topping hits in the ’80s, including “As We Lay” and “Husband”, Murdock has spent the latter half of her career acting and singing gospel music.  The title of this play is actually borrowed from Murdock’s 2007 gospel hit song “I Love Me Better Than That”.  Murdock, an advocate of family and women’s causes, wrote the song to empower women to take back their lives after experiencing hardships and disappointments.  The two women met back in 2007 when Murdock released her project on Tyscot Music & Entertainment.

“When God blessed me with this play one of my dreams was to have Shirley Murdock to be a part of it.  Through prayer, God made it happen”, said Robin.

“I Love Me Better Than That” just completed its Indianapolis-run last weekend to large crowds.  Shirley Murdock lit up the stage with her undeniable voice and perfect comedic timing.

Dalton plans to take the show out on the road next year in hopes of reaching and inspiring even greater audiences.  For years, she has been working to become a playwright and this play has definitely put her even  closer to her goal.

“If you have a dream, work towards it and God will show himself.  It will happen if it’s in His will,” she said.

To bring “I Love Me Better Than That” to your city please contact Robin: igt_2006@yahoo.com.

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About I Love Me Better Than That:

What happens when a good marriage goes bad?  Destined 2 Praise productions brings you the story of Joy & Ricky in the play, “I Love Me Better Than That”.  Joy, a hard-working, God-fearing, future-engineer is married to the love of her life, Ricky.  All goes well at first until Ricky is unable to secure a job for several months.  Frustrated, he begins to act out in ways that not even Joy could have imagined; turning their match-made-in-heaven into a hellish experience.  Will their marriage stand the test?  The play is written and produced by Robin Dalton; co-written by Marlon Scisney.

About Shirley Murdock

Shirley Murdock burst on the scene in a big way in the ‘80s with her Roger Troutman produced hit, “As We Lay”.  In the 90s, Murdock returned to her gospel roots first with TD Jakes on his CD, Sacred Love Song.  Since then she has joined Tyscot Music & Entertainment to release two projects, Soulfood and Live: The Journey.  Find out more about Shirley on her website: www.shirleymurdocklifesongs.com

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