UP FOR DISCUSSION: Halloween – Should we (Christians) or shouldn’t we?

This is our first ‘UP FOR DISCUSSION’ blog.   Are you ready to chat with us?  Here’s how things will work:  We’ll present a topic, write a short post about it and then open it up for discussion (get it..that’s why it’s called UP FOR DISCUSSION lol).  We’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say.  And now for our first topic…

Halloween: Should we (Christians) or shouldn’t we?

It’s that time of year again.  The leaves are falling, the cold air is creeping in and Halloween pop-up stores appear in shopping centers across the country.   Commercials fill the airwaves with messages of candy sales and what to wear to your Halloween party.  Even in the virtual world, people spend the last week of October posting pictures of this year’s costume online.

While some see this as a ‘holiday’ to let loose and celebrate, others view Halloween as something to steer clear from.  Even within the Christian community, there’s an ongoing debate about whether or not it is proper to participate.

When I was younger I remember dressing up and going trick-or-treating.  Then one year, there was a church meeting about Halloween encouraging Christians to not recognize the holiday.   After the meeting my parents explained why we’d were no longer going to participate in this holiday and that was it for my household.

In the past few weeks, I’ve read numerous articles on Christian websites (which I won’t name here) that were both pro and anti-Halloween.

We discussed it around the office but we’d love for you to join the conversation and tell us your thoughts:

Do any of you celebrate Halloween or allow your children to do so?  If so why?  If not, why not?

Did you used to celebrate Halloween and then stop?  If so, how did you break the news to your children or friends?

Or are you a Christian who used to abstain from the holiday but now recognize it?

Do you think it proper for churches to offer alternative Halloween activities?

Share with us.

4 Responses to UP FOR DISCUSSION: Halloween – Should we (Christians) or shouldn’t we?

  1. No we should not…amongst other things.
    Abstain from all appearance of evil.
    1 Thessalonians 5:22

    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 1 Peter 5:8

    Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits,
    and doctrines of devils; 1 Timothy 4:1

    “Corrupt affections indulged in the heart, and evil practices allowed of in the life, will greatly tend to promote fatal errors in the mind; whereas purity of heart, and integrity of life, will dispose men to receive the truth in the love of it. We should therefore abstain from evil, and all appearances of evil, from sin, and that which looks like sin, leads to it, and borders upon it. He who is not shy of the appearances of sin, who shuns not the occasions of sin, and who avoids not the temptations and approaches to sin, will not long abstain from the actual commission of sin.” ~Matthew Henry

    • Thank you for sharing the verses Mocha. This will definitely help those who are seeking a Biblical answer to this question. Thank you for participating in our first discussion. We look forward to many many more on this site and of course on Facebook.

  2. Solomon

    Skeletons, witches, ghosts, . . a holiday based on a (pagan Celtic) belief that the boundary between the worlds of the living and dead blurred, and that the ghosts of the dead returned to the earth? A holiday based on a night for preternatural communication with the dead, various forms of divination and prophecy, and sexual rituals? Nope!!! Definitely not “Christ” like! 1 Thessalonians 5:22 (Thanks Mocha) says it plainly! What part of “all” do not we understand? People (Christians) need to do their research!!! Glory to God!!! Recognize the hand of the enemy!!!

  3. Amanda

    I actually do celebrate Halloween and allow my children to do so. It is fun to dress up and let the kids go trick or treating. The holiday is only evil if you make it out to be that way. You dont have to celebrate the ghouls and goblins. And if we are bringing pagans into it, why not not celebrate Easter or CHRISTMAS?! I am positive Jesus had nothing to do with egg hunts or Easter bunnies but we let our children part take in that. Not to mention Jesus birthday is said not to even be on December 25th but we still celebrate it and let our children believe in Santa Claus?! It’s all a little hypocritical to me. But what do I know?


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