Anthony Brown & group therAPy prep for first leg of the Mary Mary Go Get It Tour

A Testimony is a declaration, affirmation and evidence in support of a fact.

When Anthony Brown shared his testimony on TBN with Donnie McClurkin, he declared how he was reminded of God’s awesome track record in his life and it being the evidence of what God promised him.

The evidence that Brown speaks of includes both personal and professional blessings such as recently being added to the Mary Mary Go Get It Tour.

This is one of many tremendous blessings which make Brown’s testimony real for him and to those inspired by his hit single “Testimony”.

Penned by Brown, “Testimony”, is not a song of lyrical clichés but of his real life journey with God.

During Anthony Brown’s TBN interview he shared, “Sometimes in the middle of your storm, you forget that God has delivered you time and time again, God said to me, look what I’ve done for you time and time again, I’ve never let you down, I’ve never left you alone and this will be no different.”

 Brown also added: “I wanted to remind people, before you start complaining about what you see in front of you, don’t forget what God has done behind you”

The Mary Mary Go Get It Tour will begin October 25th in Jacksonville, FL and Anthony Brown & group therAPy will open up along with other artists scheduled to appear in select markets including: Isaac Carree, Vashawn Mitchell (who is the group’s label head and Executive producer), Jessica Reedy and Anita Wilson

Fans will be able to catch the group perform their hit radio single, “Testimony” on the tour dates listed below:

Oct 25th- Jacksonville, FL

Oct 27th –Charleston, SC

Oct 28th-Columbia, SC

Nov 15th-Washington, DC

Nov 16th- Hampton, VA

Nov 17th – Richmond, VA

For More Information on the Go Get It Tour visit: and

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Rance Allen Group Documentary Trailer

For 40+ years, the Rance Allen Group has crossed many boundaries, influenced countless artists and made musical history with their lives and music. In celebration of their life and career, Tyscot Music & Entertainment presents Amazing Grace, an audio and visual collection that showcases their music from the past 4 decades.  This project features brand new music and a few cover tunes including an unforgettable rendition of the world-renowned hymn, Amazing Grace. The Visual collection includes the never-before-seen Rance Allen Group documentary Music Majors, featuring rare interviews with Kirk Franklin, James Fortune, Isaac Caree, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Keith ”Wonderboy” Johnson, Paul Porter and more. These phenomenal artists came together to express their love for The Rance Allen Group and how they influenced their lives and music.

The documentary takes fans on a journey through the life of Rance, Tom and Steve Allen from their early days in Monroe, OH to becoming Grammy Award nominees and performing on BET’s Celebration of Gospel.  The Rance Allen Group’s new 2-disc set CD/DVD project, Amazing Grace, will be available in stores and online November 27th. Leave your comments below and let us know what you think about the trailer!

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Deitrick Haddon’s “A Beautiful Soul” DVD Now Available In Stores!

After a great theatrical run at AMC Theatres in markets such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, New YorkCity and Detroitthe film “Deitrick Haddon’s A Beautiful Soul” is now available on DVD In Stores and Online.

Since released in theatres, fans and supporters have been waiting to purchase this inspiring film to view at home and share with family and friends.

Countless positive reviews have poured in about A Beautiful Soul’s message from media, fans and many of the cast members.

The film industry trade magazine, Variety, summed it up in this manner: “In what is probably the first-ever mashup of Charles Dickens and R&B, “A Beautiful Soul’ stars gospel singer Deitrick Haddon as a bling-wielding, self-centered Scrooge whose wakeup call arrives via a bullet, and whose redemption involves a divine iPad (with an app for after parties past, present and yet to come) by which he learns to change his ways.”

Haddon’s intent for viewers to understand the importance of genuine love and why we must often reflect on our personal journeys was well communicated throughout the film.

A Beautiful Soul also stars, Harry Lennix, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Golden Brooks, Robert Ri’chard, Lesley Ann Brandt, and Barry Floyd.

In addition to being released on DVD, the film is scheduled to air on TV One later in 2012.

A Beautiful Soul PG-13 Rated Film on DVD is now available in stores and online.

Check out the Trailer for A Beautiful Soul:

Also, currently available in stores and on-line is the Tyscot Records CD release of “A Beautiful Soul (Music Inspired by the Motion Picture) from Deitrick Haddon presents Voices of Unity, which contains original music by Deitrick Haddon, Kierra Sheard, Canton Jones, Fonzworth Bentley and Faith Evans, among others. Featuring the gospel radio single, “No Betta” a duet showcasing Deitrick Haddon and Faith Evans. 

For more information on A Beautiful Soul visit:
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Tyscot Music & Entertainment offers FREE MIXTAPE to Fans: Mixtape features New Music, New Artist to celebrate recent Stellar Awards success

(Indianapolis) The Stellar Awards Weekend in Nashville was monumental for Tyscot Music & Entertainment.  Not only did the label receive 6 nominations, but Tyscot also celebrated a BIG win with The Rance Allen Group who won “Traditional Group of the Year” and “Quartet of the Year”.

In honor of this winning weekend, Tyscot  debuted a FREE mixtape.  Only available on, the mixtape is broken up in two sections, fast and slow.  The mixes feature Brand New music from Damita and the upcoming ‘A Beautiful Soul’ soundtrack starring Deitrick Haddon.  Other artists on the mixtape include: Shirley Murdock, The Rance Allen Group and Tyscot’s newest signee Anthony J. Brown.

The mixes were produced by Indianapolis’ own Isaiah JDAKID and Candyland Studios.



Tracklist for FAST Mix

Go To ChurchDeitrick Haddon feat. Bam (A Beautiful Soul Soundtrack) COMING SOON

Won’t Turn BackDamita COMING SOON

Let the Music Get Down In Your SoulThe Rance Allen Group (The Live Experience II) IN STORES & ONLINE NOW

He is The RockShirley Murdock (Live: The Journey) IN STORES & ONLINE NOW

TestimonyAnthony J Brown (COMING SOON)


Tracklist for SLOW mix:

A Beautiful SoulDeitrick Haddon (A Beautiful Soul Motion Picture Soundtrack) COMING SOON


Holy OneThe Rance Allen Group (The Live Experience II) IN STORES & ONLINE NOW

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Shirley Murdock’s Stellar Award Journey

As the Journey continued in Nashville, TN for Shirley Murdock, her excitement and energy level increased after each appearance during the 2012 Stellar Award week.

Yes, Murdock’s performance on Thursday with Regina Belle at the Urban Soul Café Event was exceptional but she had more to share with the gospel community on Friday at Stellar Award Pre-show.  During the Pre-show, Murdock performed one of her new songs “It’s In Your Hands” and made a huge impact on the audience with her anointed testimony and signature vocals.

On Saturday, Murdock walked the 2012 Stellar Award red carpet with a smile, but soon after entered the stage with Vashawn Mitchell and Smokie Norful to present the Contemporary Female Vocalist of the Year Award to Kim Burrell.

Shirley Murdock’s stellar journey kept her energized and more grateful for every door that God has opened throughout her career.

Live: The Journey CD & DVD is available in stores and online!


For Publicity contact, Tracy Y. Williamson at and

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Shirley Murdock Releases Double Header for Radio: “Lord You Reign” & “Someday”

Shirley Murdock’s current radio single “Dream” has inspired many listeners across the country since it first hit the airwaves. Long before releasing her latest CD & DVD, Live: The Journey, Murdock’s goal has always been to uplift the name of Jesus and unite people through her music ministry.  This month, she is maintaining this goal by releasing not one but two new singles, Lord You Reign and Someday. Both radio singles were written by psalmist and founder of Tyscot Records Bishop Leonard Scott.

Lord You Reign is a timeless worship anthem that speaks directly to God, acknowledging his omnipresence in the lives of his people.  From beginning to end, “Hallelujah” fluently resounds throughout the song along with the lyrics:  “Lord You Reign in majesty and Lord You reign victoriously”.

Someday is a definitive revelation of God’s people dwelling in harmony.  The lyrics: “Someday, we’ll unite as one” speaks to the hope for peace in this world.  In addition to its relevant and universal message, another reason why this song holds a special place in Murdock’s heart is due to its featured guests: Kelly Price, Beverly Crawford and Regina Belle, all of whom are longtime friends of Shirley.

These special ladies have been a part of my journey and it meant the world to me to have them be a part [of this song]. I believe listeners will be able to hear, see and feel the friendship and admiration we share for one another, as well as the joy of singing God’s praises together”

Lord You Reign and Someday are musically, spiritually and lyrically inspired which was very important to Murdock as she selected the tracks for her current project, “I believe that the ministry is in the lyrics and in the words we speak, they are spirit and they are life!”

For Radio Servicing and Promotions contact: Jeff Hargrove at and Sidney Scott at

For Publicity contact, Tracy Y. Williamson at

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Damita Releases Lyric Video for New Single “Won’t Turn Back”

On Thursday, May 31st, Tyscot Music & Entertainment will host the virtual lyric video debut of Damita’s current radio single “Won’t Turn Back”.

The lyric video will feature the hot track and never before seen images of Ms. Damita.  Won’t Turn Back is the current single from the upcoming project Anticipation, to be released July 24th.

“Won’t Turn Back”is a fun song that also carries a strong message of staying with God no matter the circumstances.

Written by Damita and produced by, Fredrick “Blaze” Crawford, the song’s declarative lyrics say, “I’ve been running for You a long time and I won’t turn back, No I won’t turn back, I’ll keep on Running!”  Throughout the song, she expresses her commitment to God with the lyrics, “With you by my side, I know I can win, You’re my Guide and You’re my closest Friend-I won’t turn Back!”

 On May 31st, Damita fans will be treated to a musically unique and visually electrifying lyric video which will debut on Tyscot Music and Entertainment’s Youtube channel, Tyscot TV (

In addition, several key Gospel Entertainment sites have also joined Tyscot in hosting Damita’s video including:

JTA Promotions Youtube channel

 Damita will release the follow-up to her acclaimed album, No Looking Back, on July 24th.  For those who purchase the album via iTunes, Amazon MP3 or Digital 7, fans will be treated to a Deluxe version of the Anticipation album which will include a brand new, never-released bonus track, her previous hit single “No Looking Back” and its video which has generated nearly 1 million views on Youtube.

 Anticipation will be available in stores and online July 24th.  The current single, “Won’t Turn Back” can be heard on radio stations across the country.  If you haven’t heard it on your favorite station, request it today.

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Damita Opens Her Heart & Says She ‘Won’t Turn Back’

Gospel artist, Damita has been very busy since releasing her second single “Won’t Turn Back”.  She has been promoting the new single during interviews and other promotional opportunities.

It is without question that Ms. Damita has a lot to say about the new single because of the song’s authenticity. Damita penned the hot tune, believes every word and wants fans to stay focused on God’s promises no matter how difficult life may be.

The songstress has opened her heart and shared her thoughts with various media including,,, New York Trend Magazine,, EEW Magazine, Ujima Magazine and, just to name a few.

During her exclusive interview with, Damita explained a little more about the single “Won’t Turn Back”,  “The song Won’t Turn back means we must continue to move forward, running this race and not giving up at all and making a declaration that we won’t turn back.”

She also shared what it means to be an artist and who musically inspires her, “Being an artist is about being artistic, forever growing, changing, expanding broadening.”  “The people who have inspired me are creative artists, such as Babyface, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson and Rance Allen.”

Damita also revealed that she was inspired by her mother, the late Ruby Bass, who studied Opera music. In fact Damita admitted that she still frequently listens to Opera and Classical Music.

In addition receiving love from media and radio, Damita’s fans are showing her love via facebook and twitter.  Damita is forever growing as an artist, singer and songwriter and it is evident on the current single “Won’t Turn Back”.

To hear more of Damita’s interview on visit:

For Radio Servicing and Promotions contact: Jeff Hargrove at and Sidney Scott at

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The Annointed Pace Sisters

Comprised of 8 amazingly talented sister, The Anointed Pace Sisters got their first start performing in local high school talent shows in their home state of Georgia.  In 1992, these versatile sisters received national success with their debut album, U-Know and it maintained a # 2 position on the Billboard Gospel chart.  In addition to taking the Gospel world by storm, the sisters also have film and TV appearances under their belts with appearances in The Fighting Temptations, Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion, and the 2006 Jiffy Lube print and TV campaign.  Unity and Strength are two qualities that The Anointed Pace Sisters have maintained since their early days singing in local high school talent shows. They have remained poised and have mesmerized audiences across the country for over the last 15 years. Currently the sisters (both individually and as a group) have been blessed to perform on BET’s Sunday’s Best, in the musical stage play Jesus Christ Superstar, Walt Disney’s Festivals of the Lion King and on the TV ONE show, The Gospel of Music with Jeff Majors.


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Anthony Brown & group therAPy

Anthony Brown & group therAPy are probably the ‘best-known’ New Artists in Gospel right now.  Brown, widely recognized for his amazing songwriting and vocal arrangements has collaborated with several artists from Maurette Brown Clark, Donald Lawrence, Myron Butler, and VaShawn Mitchell.

The group began in early 2000, called Answered Prayers.  Brown, who had been attending  Morgan State University, initially put together the ensemble as a way to showcase songs he had been writing.  ”I wanted to have a vehicle to showcase some of the songs God had given me,” Brown said.  ”I was hearing different singers and different voices… voices that didn’t seem to go together well, but collectively it made a sound that was worth hearing.” Out of Answered Prayers, the current configuration now called group therAPy (the capital letters AP a nod to the old name).  The group is currently enjoying their much heralded debut project.

Anthony Brown currently serves as Assistant Minister of Music at First Baptist Church of Glen Arden under Pastor John K. Jenkins.

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From singing in the Detroit City elementary school choir to forming the 80 voice High School Gospel Choir ,Voices of Victory, it goes without question that Damita Haddon has been in musical training at a young age. During these early years, Damita also enjoyed sharing the music spotlight with her twin sister, Marguerita. The sisters were surrounded by music were influenced by countless family members, “Both sides of my family are musically inclined. Everyone is a singer, musician or a preacher”.  In their household, their mother would continuously play various genres of music including, gospel and classical music for them to sing along with.

Music was definitely a staple in Damita’s family life. Wherever they went as a family, you would hear music from any of the great gospel choirs or artists being played in the car or throughout the house. “We were a musical family” Damita said, “Really it was just church and music but I remember running around the house with my twin sister, picking up brushes & combs singing into them when my mom would play a record.”

When Damita wasn’t studying in school or playing with her sister, she would be found listening to such artists as, Tramaine Hawkins, The Clark Sisters, Commissioned, Witness, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, DeBarge, Phil Collins, Andre Crouch, Hall & Oates, Celine Dion, and The Winans  .  Whether she listened to a family member or her favorite artist, it was evident that music would forever run through her veins

Damita’s early memories of singing with combs and brushes fueled her desire to later form the all female a cappella group, Adoration-N-Prayze along with her twin sister Marguerita.  The group’s fresh and anointed sound caught the attention of many throughoutDetroitand theMidwest.

Adoration-N-Prayze went from rehearsing and performing to one day singing at the birthday party of a Record Company Executive. “We were invited to sing at the President of TM Records’ birthday party not knowing this guy had a record label,” recalled Damita, “Our first and only release was ‘Time Is Running Out’.  We were nominated for a Stellar Award for that project.” 

Damita’s career expanded and positioned her for more opportunities including, singing background for the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. This was just one of many platforms that helped to launch her career as a solo artist. “I never knew, nor would have thought in a million years I would be a solo artist.”

Though she did not initially see her career taking this direction, God had another plan in mind.  In early 2000, Damita released her debut, self-titled project on Atlantic Records.  Well received by both critics and fans alike, this album successfully launched her solo career and introduced the world to a voice and sound that immediately caught the attention of the whole industry.

No Looking Back set the stage for Damita’s career and her bold declaration opened the door to new possibilities, a fresh anointing, new sound, and catapulted her further into her destiny.

So much more was revealed in 2012 when Damita began working on her new project Anticipation on Tyscot Music & Entertainment.  Anticipation is just one of many endeavors Damita has embarked on, since her last CD project.

Described as a true gem, Anticipation features many songs written by Damita including, “Won’t Turn Back”, “Praise You Now”, “Be Revealed”, “You’re Amazing God”, “Super She’RO and the title cut “Anticipation (Waitin 4 u)”.




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Deitrick Haddon presents Voices of Unity

With the success of Chainbreaker and many other Voices Of Unity (V.O.U) projects on the Tyscot label, Deitrick Haddon and Voices of Unity’s music ministry has exploded to the next level.

Though the group has had many incarnations, the Voices of Unity collective has been the platform for a few of the industry’s most sought after contemporary artists and producers, such as Damita Haddon, Gerald Haddon and Deitrick Haddon.  V.O.U have a stellar track record that began with their 1995 debut album, Come Into This House, Live The Life, This Is My Story, Chain Breaker, Supernatural, All Star Edition, and Together in Worship.

Various members of Voices of Unity have also contributed to Haddon’s most recent films Blessed & Cursed and A Beautiful Soul, either musically or through acting.

In recent year, Haddon has used Voices of Unity to introduce the gospel world to new and cutting-edge artists and producers.


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Shirley Murdock

Seasoned soul/gospel vocalist, Shirley Murdock, has been on a journey.

Back in the `80s, she aimed for a gospel career before Roger Troutman, funk bandleader for the group Zapp snagged Murdock a record deal with Elektra Records where she recorded Top 10 R&B hits such as “As We Lay,” “Go On Without You,” “Husband” and “In Your Eyes.”  Then, in 1999, evangelist Bishop T.D. Jakes took Murdock under his wing and had her sing on his #1 CD, Sacred Love Songs. Since, then, she’s toured in gospel stage plays and recorded gospel hits like “I Love Me Better Than That.”

Now, Murdock has realized a lifelong dream of recording her first live CD/DVD, Live: The Journey (Tyscot Records). Aside from writing or co-writing all twelve songs, Murdock also made the project distinctive by including duets with her industry pals Kelly Price, Regina Belle and Beverly Crawford on the soulfully sanctified project.

On the set, Murdock showcases congregational praise and worship songs like the up-tempo “He is God,” the Mardi Gras-flavored “Rejoice Come On” and the down-tempo, “Lord, You Reign.” A fan of Murdock, Kelly Price (who enjoyed a hit with a remake of “As We Lay”), joins her for the tender, “Keep Lovin’ Me.” Murdock infuses “It’s In Your Hands” and “The Word” with her R&B roots. Regina Belle shines on the jazzy, “The Upward Way.” Beverly Crawford and Murdock rock the traditional, “He Is The Rock.” The track “God Can Do Anything” percolates with spunky funk while “Winner In Me” and “Dream” are inspiring anthems. All the ladies – Price, Belle and Crawford – come together with Murdock for the rousing closing song, “Someday.” Throughout, the highlight of the project is Murdock’s vocal technique, a unique blend of jazz scatting and church runs, that never fail to bring unique verve and character to each song.

This is the life Murdock always envisioned for herself. The youngest of six kids, she was born in Toledo, OH in the late 1950s. “My upbringing was great, but my parents divorced when I was nine years old,” she says. “I had some rough spots with my Dad but we made up.” Murdock’s mom kept her brood in church and she was weaned on the gospel melodies of Rev. James Cleveland, Shirley Caesar, Aretha Franklin and the Hawkins Family. “I would take songs like ‘Hypnotized’ by Linda Jones and learn how to do runs. I was attracted to those runs,” she recalls. “I wanted to do that. I’d use a hairbrush for a microphone. I’d use the broom for a bass guitar. I used to lock myself up in the bathroom because the acoustics were so great. My siblings would always complain and beg me to get out because I was taking too long practicing my vocals.” Murdock’s biggest dream was to become a professional gospel singer. “In the early 1970s gospel music was not what it is today,” she concludes. “It was a very tight field… Those doors didn’t open for me.” Still, she kept pushing and hoping for an opportunity. Her cousin took a recording of Murdock singing gospel to Roger Troutman. Troutman had no connections in the gospel music industry but he was amazed by Murdock’s voice. Roger offered her a deal that she initially refused. “I said, `Lord, could this be you?’ Going into secular music wasn’t my plan; I just was just trying to figure out follow God’s plan for my life.”

Murdock moved to Dayton where Troutman mentored her in his musical boot camp. “It was God ordained,” she confesses. “I met my husband, got married and had my child in Dayton. ” Success came quickly for Murdock with the release of her gold-selling debut LP, Shirley Murdock!, on Elektra Records. After her initial hit, “No More,” stormed the dance charts, the tender ballad “As We Lay” shot up to #5 on the Billboard R&B singles chart and also charted nicely on both the Top 40 adult contemporary and pop charts in 1986.

A chance meeting with Bishop T.D. Jakes at a post-service gathering at Murdock’s pastor’s home, led to her recording “The Lady, Her Lover, and Lord” on his, Sacred Love Songs, project in 1999. “I told Bishop Jakes that I always wanted to do a gospel CD, so when he launched his record label, Dexterity Sounds, he called me and said, ` here’s your chance to do that CD.’” The Home project received a warm embrace from the gospel world and reached #9 on the Billboard Top Gospel albums chart in 2002. It was a dream come true that Murdock feels may have never happened were it not for her secular career. “I never pursued a secular career,” she testifies. “It came to me. It opened an opportunity for me to take the gospel into the secular market in a way that many gospel artists cannot. All of my R&B CDs had a gospel or inspirational song. I was doing an R&B concert and I had a gospel segment in my set. This waitress came up to me after the concert and said, ‘I wasn’t supposed to work tonight but I’m glad I did. I used to be saved.’ I said, ‘Used to be?’ I told her, ‘Honey, God is married to the backslider!’ Right there in that club, she gave her life to God again. It wasn’t traditional church but it’s where God ordained for me to be.”

In 2007, Murdock joined the Tyscot Records family and released her acclaimed CD, Soul Food, which featured her radio smash, “I Love Me Better Than That.” Over the years, Murdock has starred in a number of touring stage plays such as “A Mother’s Prayer” and “3 Ways To Get A Husband.” While writing songs for, Live: The Journey, Murdock’s husband and songwriting partner, Dale DeGroat, heard that Bishop Jakes was staging a

“Back To The Bible” conference. He asked Bishop Jakes if he had a theme song for the conference and he did not. “Dale emailed Bishop one evening and shared some ideas with him about a song,” says Murdock. “By 8 a.m. the next morning, Bishop emailed Dale some incredible lyrics. If you’ve ever sat down and talked to Bishop…OMG, then, you know his words are so full of wisdom, knowledge and revelation.” So, DeGroat and Murdock took those lyrics, added music and melody and crafted her new radio single, “Dream.”

“The song is anointed because it’s full of the word,” Murdock says of the inspiring ballad of hope and perseverance. “It’s like the voice of God speaking directly to your spirit, reminding you, that He’s not a man that He should lie…if He spoke it, will He not do it? This song will stir up and rekindle that word, that’s been spoken into your spirit and remind you that your dream can not…will not die.” A little something Murdock has learned on her journey.

Learn more about Shirley Murdock by visiting:



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Joe Pace

Grammy, 8-time Dove and 7-time Stellar nominated songwriter, producer, artist, director and author Joseph W. Pace, II, is a multi-talented and gifted man, with a wide range of abilities and insight in the realm of gospel music ministry.  His anointed style, production, spiritual perception, and song writing skills have established him as one of the gospel music industry’s most dynamic and compelling talents.

An ordained minister, Joe Pace also wears many other hats. In addition to being the Director/CEO of the award-winning Colorado Mass Choir, he is also the CEO and President of The PACE Group, a multi-faceted ministry corporation that includes a new record label, production company, publishing division, conference/workshop division and non-profit foundation.  Minister Pace’s first consideration is always to ministry at the local level and to that end, he has served in the capacity of Minister of Music/Worship Pastor for both small and large ministries alike across the country, and he recently received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity recognizing his years of exceptional work. Pace has also been a frequent writer/columnist for many top christian music publications.

A prolific songwriter, Joe Pace has penned numerous Top 10 songs including, “Watch God Move,” the popular worship anthem “We Worship You”,  “Shake The Foundation”, “Speak Life”, the radio mega-hit, “Glad about It”, “Hallelujah Anyhow”, “High and Lifted Up” and “Mighty Long Way”, just to name a few.  His songs have been sung by the likes of Fred Hammond, Tina Campbell (from Mary Mary), Daryl Coley, Rance Allen, LaShun Pace, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Clint Brown, and others.  His music is a mainstay in Sunday Morning Worship services all over the country.

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Rance Allen Group

The Rance Allen Group (RAG) is one of the most explosive groups to emerge from the legendary Stax Records label in the 1970s. Their sanctified soul hits such as “Ain’t No Need of Crying,” “I Belong To You,” and their consecrated cover of The Temptation’s “Just My Imagination” placed them in a pantheon of deep soul artists like Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes. In the decades since, the Allen Brothers (Rance, Tom and Steve) have built on that foundation with their Tyscot Records-era hits such as the R&B crossover smash “Miracle Worker,” “Do Your Will,” and “Something About The Name Jesus.” Their sacred-secular musical fusion, chunky harmonies, lyrical messages of faith and fraternity, and Rance’s stratospheric falsetto have made them standout as one of the most dynamic groups to ever shuffle across the stage of Harlem’s famed Apollo Theater.

Brotherhood is the underlining theme to RAG which has maintained the same line-up for all of its 40 year history. Their story began in the paper mill city of Monroe, MI where Rance Allen was born November 19, 1948. One of twelve children, he began preaching as Little Rance Allen and singing at the age of five. “We were raised in a family where you went to church every single night,” Allen once told Gospel “To keep our interest, my grandmother went to a pawn shop and brought instruments, drums, guitars and amplifiers.” Using records by the Rev. James Cleveland and occasionally a Ray Charles tune as his guides, Allen learned to play the piano before picking up the guitar with Chuck Berry as an influence. His grandparents served as his agents, but he once told writer Lee Hildebrand, “I didn’t have a life like most kids had. I wasn’t allowed to go out and play baseball with the guys and do the things a kid does.”

Circa 1968, the kid, with himself on guitar, started the Rance Allen Group with his older brother Tom on drums, and younger brother Steve on bass. They recorded their first song “Let’s Get Together and Love” for the local Reflect label. It was poorly distributed, so they packed the wax singles in their instrument cases and sold them at their shows. Then, in 1971 they won a prize of $500 at a Detroit talent contest where legendary Stax Records promotion man Dave Clark was in the audience. Clark liked what he heard and took RAG into the studio that very day when they recorded an album’s worth of material that was purchased by Stax Records, the gritty counterpoint to Motown in the 1960s.

Stax President Al Bell loved RAG’s music so much that he sired The Gospel Truth subsidiary specifically to promote RAG. The group’s first single was “Just My Salvation,” a 1971 gospel cover of The Temptations’ “Just My Imagination.” Soon, RAG was appearing on bills with the likes of The Dramatics and Barry White and taking their R&B-infused gospel to an un-churched audience.  Over the next few years, the Allen Brothers’ studio sessions were laid by some of the finest players in the history of R&B. There was Lester Snell who played piano on Isaac Hayes’ “Shaft” and Shirley Brown’s “Woman To Woman.” They also had Al Jackson Jr. the drummer on Booker T. & the MGs’ “Green Onions” and Otis Redding’s “Sittin’ On The Dock of the Bay.” What better bass player was there then Donald “Duck” Dunn who played on Wilson Pickett’s “In The Midnight Hour.” RAG built a solid following off of their hits such as “I Got to Be Myself” and James Cleveland’s “That Will Be Good Enough for Me.”

However, by 1975, financial misappropriations among label executives, legal suits and other issues eventually shut Stax down. Burned but not baked, RAG snagged a deal with Capitol Records where R&B sensations Natalie Cole and Peabo Bryson were receiving most of the label’s attention. RAG released a couple of albums before returning to Stax in 1979 after the company was purchased and reorganized by Fantasy Records. During this period, RAG enjoyed its biggest Stax hit with the R&B-styled love song to God, “I Belong to You.” From there, RAG moved to Myrrh Records where they recorded two albums, including, I Give Myself To You, that peaked at #5 on the gospel chart in 1985.

It was during the l980s that Allen really began to focus on his preaching ministry. Church of God In Christ (COGIC) leader, Bishop G.E. Patterson, began to mentor him. Under his guidance, Allen founded the New Bethel Church of God COGIC in Toledo, OH in July 1985.

Four decades into their career, the music industry has now begun to honor RAG’s groundbreaking work in bridging R&B and gospel. They received a the Bobby Jones Legend Award during the 2009 Stellar Awards and were feted in a BMI Trailblazers of Gospel ceremony in 2008. The Allen Brothers and their respective wives and families all live in Toledo now. Steve is a physical therapist with the St. Vincent Medical Center and Tom is retired from the State of Michigan after a 39 year tenure. Allen still pastors New Bethel COGIC where his wife, Ellen Marie Allen, is very active in supporting his ministry. When asked what he’d like his legacy to be, Allen says, “I would love it if they said Rance loved God, he loved music, and he loved people. If God was given glory in the music. If music was played and performed and anybody who heard it was blessed. Something like that…”




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Bishop Leonard Scott

When you entertwine the words dentist, musician, pastor, entrepenuer and community advocate, there is one person who comes to mind…Dr. Leonard Scott. This multitalented, multifaceted power house is the Founder and President of the nation’s oldest black owned gospel recording company, Tyscot, Inc., which has been home to superstar gospel recording artists John P. Kee & the New Life Community Choir, Deitrick & Damita Haddon, the Rance Allen Group, Dr. Bobby Jones & New Life, and Bishop Noel Jones & City of Refuge, just to name a few.

Dr. Scott is a succesful dentist with a lucrative practice of over 30 years in the centralIndianapolisarea and is host of a local health talk show “Medically Speaking.” He is also the pastor ofRockCommunityChurchand has travelled throughout theUnited Statesand overseas minstering the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Scott’s talents are far-reaching and along with his business ventures and ministry endeavors, he is an accomplished musician and writer. He has recorded several albums including the latest release “Be Lifted Up,” which is a powerful praise and worship CD that directly coincides with his books “Soaring With Eagles” and “Be Lifted Up,” published by Evergreen Press.

This husband and father of seven children, he attributes all of his success to the Lord. His ministry is one of encouragement, instruction, salvation, enlightmennt, deliverance, worship and praise. He is a living testimony that nothing is impossible to those who believe and that nothing is too hard for God.

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The Rance Allen Group – The Live Experience II

The Rance Allen Group is back and this time they are LIVE on their latest release, The Live Experience II.  After the smash success of their first live project (The Live Experience) the group celebrates 40 years with this sensational album.  Even after four decades together, The Rance Allen Group still continues to deliver fresh music that transcends generations.  Standout tracks include: “U That I Trust”, “Holy One”, and “Livin’ 4 Jesus”.

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Shirley Murdock – Live: The Journey

On her latest release, Live: The Journey, R&B and Gospel veteran Shirley Murdock takes listeners on a musical voyage with her FIRST-EVER live CD and DVD.  Joining Murdock are Grammy Award Winning producer Cedric Thompson and a trio of legendary singers Shirley affectionately refers to as ‘The Girlz’: Regina Belle, Beverly Crawford and Kelly Price.  Live: The Journey is truly a soundtrack to everyone’s ‘journey’ as it is filled with songs that can be applied to any situation life may bring.  Whether you’re experience a time of praise (“He Is God”), feeling confidently jazzy (“Upward Way”), or need a little reminder of how awesome God made you (“Winner In Me”), this is THE album for you.  Standout track include: “He Is the Rock”, “Lovin’ Me” and “Dream”.

Be sure to check out the companion DVD, “Live: The Journey”.

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Deitrick Haddon’s A Beautiful Soul

Deitrick Haddon pulled quadruple duty bringing A Beautiful Soul (Music Inspired by the Motion Picture) to fruition; serving as a songwriter, recording artist, producer and A&R/music supervisor!  To tell this musical story, Haddon enlisted the help of an eclectic mix of Gospel and R&B stars such as Kierra ‘KiKi’ Sheard, Canton Jones, Faith Evans, and Fonzworth Bentley just to name a few.  Standout tracks include: “No Betta”, “This Church”, “New Life” “Go To Church” and the title track “A Beautiful Soul”.  Be sure to pick up this project, available In Stores & Online now.

Don’t forget to check out the movie “Deitrick Haddon’s A Beautiful Soul.

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Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy

Take Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Sapp, James Fortune & Fiya, Donald Lawrence & Richard Smallwood with a sprinkle of Kirk Franklin; shake well and you get Anthony Brown & group therAPy!    Their debut project is quickly gaining an enthusiastic fanbase both online and offline.  Impeccable vocals, poignant songs, and catchy lyrics make this artist THE NEXT GOSPEL BREAKOUT STAR.  Don’t just take our word for it.  Next time you are on Twitter, type in Anthony Brown & group therAPy and you’ll see what all the buzz is about. Standout tracks include: “Water”, “Harvest Song”, “Testimony”, “Deep Enough”, and “Do it Again”.

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